Welcome to ....

... the website of the Evangelical Lutheran parish of St. Aegidien in Frankenberg on the occasion of the State Garden Show Saxony in 2019 in Frankenberg. We'd like to invite you, be it

  • for a visit of our location in the Paradise Gardens in the Mühlbachtal, or
  • to attend to on our events, or
  • to visit our church St. Aegidien in Frankenberg, or
  • just pause for a while and seek God.

    A note on our own behalf: We are also in the middle of preparations for the State Garden Show and are constantly expanding these websites. If you have questions, comments, praise / criticism or any other information, please contact us via our contact form or by calling +49 ( 37206) 2734. But also about a personal visit to our parish office or a visit of one of our Events.