Easter Night becomes a Respite - Seeding of the Paradise Meeting

We Christians celebrated Holy Saturday, the opening day of the State Garden Show, as a quiet Saturday.

In the morning hours of Easter Sunday, Christians around the world celebrate the miracle of the resurrection. So did also the protestant community Frankenberg yesterday at 05:30 o'clock local time. In keeping with the current occasion, the meeting point "Paradiestreff" in the section "Paradise Gardens Mühlbachtal" of the 8th Saxon State Garden Show served as a place for the solemn remembrance of Jesus' resurrection. The "Paradise Meeting", which is used by the ecumenical parish of Frankenberg and the Friends of Christian Mission, is the place for a Christian devotion per day from April to October, the so-called "respite". On Easter Sunday, the Protestant parish Frankenberg used the location for the first time to celebrate the resurrection. The start was marked by a small fire, in which the Easter candle was lit, then the community took place in the tent of the "Paradise Meeting". The Easter story was performed by Pastor Jörg Hänel and several lecturers, the trombone choir also designed the devotion. At the end, the meeting place was blessed and officially "owned" by the church at the State Garden Show!